Most Unique Men’s Wedding Bands


While it might not be widely known, men have a lot of choices when it comes to what they can have in their wedding band. So, how do you choose a wedding band? In this article, we will break down everything you need to know. We’ve got you covered, from style to metal choices.


Types of Bands


This is the most popular choice for men’s wedding bands. It is a simple, standard size band that is subtle. There are a variety of precious metals to choose from. The groom will most often choose the metal that will match their spouse’s ring.



Wide wedding bands make a bit more of a statement. They are bigger which means they require more of the chosen metal to be used. They tend to be a bit more expensive for that reason. However, they are a bolder piece. You can also make it more affordable by choosing a metal that closely aligns with your budget.


There’s more than just a plain wedding band. If you want your wedding band to have a bit of personality, you can find ones with a bit more style. Here are a couple of those choices. 


Textured wedding bands have a more modern look and offer character in the details. You can choose a brushed or hammered look to add a bit of visual interest. You can also add details like braiding, micro beading or engraved symbols.


Men can have a bit of color or sparkle in their wedding bands as well. A single gemstone or small row of gemstones can add just enough to stand out. There are a variety of gemstones to choose from. This again will usually match the spouse. Popular options for this are diamond and sapphire. These gemstones are the most durable.

Metal Choices

White Gold

White gold is a mix pure gold and other white metals to create the signature shine it is known for. They are usually plated with rhodium to add even more shine. White gold is a great choice as a setting for diamonds. That said, this is not the most durable option and requires a great amount of care.



Palladium is a white metal that is a part of the platinum family. It is very popular because it is more affordable than similar metals and is extremely durable. It requires less maintenance than other options while still looking great over time.



While platinum rings tend to be very expensive, they are great choices if you are ready to invest in a ring to last a lifetime. They are naturally white and have its rarity and hardness make the metal a popular choice. They have weight to them, are very strong and do not fade. They are also hypoallergenic.



Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a mixture of gold, copper, and silver. This mixture creates a classic look that is popular in wedding bands. It provides a warm, sunny look that complements many gemstones. It is important to consider how many carats are within your budget. This will change the hardness and color of the ring.


Rose Gold

Rose gold is similar to yellow gold, but with a unique touch. A rose gold ring is stunning on its own or can be used in a multi-colored band for a dynamic look.



Silver is a metal that is popularly used in all types of jewelry. It is inexpensive, malleable and serves as a great setting for a number of gemstones. The downside to silver is that it does quickly tarnish and is not as durable as other options. This can be improved with rhodium plating.  


PhD Conclusion

As you can see, there are a number of options that men can choose from for their wedding band. We encourage you to go beyond the most common option and really personalize a ring that is special. Every marriage is special and unique, the wedding bands should match that.

What is important is that the band is personal to the couple and has the characteristics to remind men of their wedding day. These rings will be worn for a lifetime, so it’s important to choose a metal and a style that will stand the test of time.